As businesses continually strive to position themselves to fully benefit from data analytics, accounting professionals are in the right place at the right time—if, that is, you have an analytical mindset and develop the sophisticated data analysis skills required to use the latest business intelligence tools to leverage information from complex data resources.

In response to this demand, the UConn School of Business now offers an Advanced Business Certificate in Accounting Analytics. By the completion of the 8-month program, you will gain the knowledge you need to take advantage of emerging technologies, combined with big data resources that extend traditional methods of accounting analytics, including unstructured data sources, and much more.

Here's how the Advanced Business Certificate in Accounting Analytics can support your career objectives:

Extensive hands-on experience: You’ll gain a working knowledge of a wide range of audit, tax, and financial analytical software, such as Alteryx, ACL, Excel, SAS, CRSP, and Compustat. You will also explore and discuss key topics as fintech, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, unstructured data, web scraping, data extraction, data modeling, and relational databases.

Proficiency in visualization software: With solid knowledge of data visualization software, our faculty will help you take full advantage of such tools as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI to produce interactive visualizations that enable you and your colleagues to quickly discover invaluable insights to support decision-making.

Developing an analytical mindset: Buying new tools to solve a problem is not always the right solution. More often than not, you need to know the right questions to ask. You then must be able to extract, transform, and load relevant data; apply the right data analytic techniques; and finally, interpret and share the results with stakeholders.

100% online: In general, the courses are structured around weekly modules, each with a separate topic. Yes, there are deadlines and there are some synchronous activities such as group meetings and group video discussions. But for the most part, our online platform—Husky CT/Blackboard—is asynchronous, enabling you to work at your own pace and on your own time, at home or at the office.

Same UConn faculty and UConn credentials: The faculty members who teach our online courses are the same experts who teach on-campus undergraduate and graduate-level courses. Each brings a wealth of real-world work experience to "class." And they are committed to continually adapting the curriculum to reflect the latest trends and technologies.

Credits earned may be applied towards the MSA as well as the certificate: If you are enrolled in UConn’s Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) degree program, the credits you earn from the Advanced Business Certificate in Accounting Analytics can be applied to your MSA, enabling you to showcase your in-depth proficiency in today’s most sought-after accounting skill to prospective employers. Conversely, if you are thinking about enrolling in UConn’s MSA program, the credits you earn as a certificate student can be directly applied to your UConn Master’s degree.