Who Should Apply

Today’s explosion of new data has created infinite opportunities for accountants to leverage that data to achieve specific business goals. Here are just a few scenarios:

  • You are an internal or external auditor who is shifting from a sample-based model to continuous monitoring and auditing where much larger datasets must be analyzed and verified.
  • As your organization’s accounting manager, your company is depending on you to understand how to use data analytics to uncover valuable insights within its financials, identify process improvements that can increase efficiency, or find patterns in customer behavior and market trends to drive company strategy.
  • As a tax accountant, your company needs to draw upon your data analysis skills to help them respond faster to market opportunities. As such, you find yourself needing to analyze complex taxation questions related to revenue recognition scenarios.
  • You have been given risk management assignments that require you to quickly and effectively sift through large volumes of transactions to identify outliers and trends in order to uncover fraudulent activity, detect advanced security threats, identify risks upfront, or monitor the development of risk events.
  • You are responsible for overseeing the purchase of new data analytics and continuous controls monitoring (CCM) systems, yet you lack the foundation in accounting analytics to make well-informed purchase decisions.